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English as a foreign language


Prepare to pass the citizenship English language test (IELTS life skills)

Classes from A1 to B1 level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) .


This course is designed for students of English who have little knowledge of the English language and want to achieve a better level.

The course will focus on speaking practice, reading comprehension and pronunciation skills, writing and grammar.

The syllabus: countries, numbers, possessive pronouns, days of the week, pronunciation skills (linking, stress, intonation).

Family vocabulary and everyday objects; present tense of most common regular and irregular verbs.

Asking questions and talking about activities, can and can’t, transports, some and any, how much and how many.
Past simple, regular and irregular verbs, ordering food and drinks, dates and other past time phrases, buying tickets, asking politely, past simple, negative forms and questions, shops and shopping for clothes.

Comparative adjectives, use of articles, going out and staying in, might and will, education and careers, filling a form, present perfect and sentence stress.

Prepositions of movement, going places and describing things in a town, real life: for example, telephoning; consolidation activities.

A2 - B1

This course will develop further your English language skills acquired with the Elementary course. This course will help you with the preparation for the citizenship test. Each lesson will focus on a grammar topic, vocabulary, reading and pronunciation practice, writing.

The syllabus: revision of questions; present simple and frequency phrases.

Talking about leisure activities and games, past simple, positive and negative, time phrases (at, on, in ago), describing feelings, talking about daily routines and jobs; should and shouldn’t, present continuous for future arrangements; inviting people;

Comparative and superlative adjectives, questions with: how, what and what … like?

Describing people; vowel sounds and silent letters, weak forms of prepositions.

Quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns, asking and giving directions.

Present tense after if, adjectives for describing places, talking about how things were in the past, used to, past continuous, talking about health.

Like and would like, conditional sentences with would, present simple passive and past simple passive, talking about products and personal items, writing a review, giving your opinion.

Present perfect continuous and past perfect. Job interviews, getting a job and personal characteristics, meeting people; making suggestions.

B1 - B2

Asking and answering questions: everyday activities, people around you.

The difference between have and have got. Speaking practice.

E-mail writing (informal). Pronunciation and stress sounds activities.

Past simple and continuous. Pronunciation of the -ed sound for past simple endings.

Vocabulary: remembering and forgetting.

Listening and speaking: first meetings and childhood memories (used to).

Real life: showing interest.

Pronunciation: sounding polite. Speaking practice.

The sound /w/.

Comparatives and superlatives. Describing towns and cities.

Readings and discussions topics about travel and places to visit. Phrases for comparing. Design your own tour.

Real life: booking a flight.

Present perfect simple: strong and weak forms of ‘have’.

Describing life events. Speaking: talking about people you admire.

Writing task: curriculum vitae.

Vocabulary: ‘take’.

For, since and ago and the present perfect continuous. Pronunciation: linking.

Comparing the past and the present.

Future forms and future clauses with if, when etc. Talking about work. How to write a covering letter.

Real life: a formal telephone call.

Adjectives: -ed/-ing. Extreme adjectives. Write a review of a book/concert. Writing a consumer review. The passive forms. Speaking practice.


Who these courses are for:

  • Italian speakers who live in the UK who want to improve their skills to pass the UK citizenship exams (IELTS life skills).
  • for Italian schoolchildren who need to prepare for exams (such as ‘esame di maturita’).
  • for Italian students who want to improve their grades at school or simply need help with homework.
  • for adults who want to improve their English for work or travel.