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A1 - A2 Beginners

Let’s start learning French!

With this course you will learn the basic elements and key phrases of the French language from the very beginning. You might know a few words and expressions already, but what about making your visit more authentic by interacting with people once you are there?

The exercises and activities in this course will build your confidence with useful expressions, pronunciation, grammar practice, verb drills (present tense of most common verbs) and speaking/listening activities, games and quizzes will be included along the way.

The syllabus: French language sounds are unique, so you need to know how to pronounce each sound correctly. This course will aim not only at building your confidence when speaking French but also to sound French!

Greetings, formal and informal address; how to introduce yourself/ introduce others, ask for something in cafés and restaurants, giving/exchange details, understanding numbers and prices, talking about jobs and family, where you live; asking and understanding directions and other basic vocabulary when going around shopping; you will also learn some cultural traits and fun facts about French people.

B1 - B2 Intermediate

Now that you know some French, why not improve your language skills further?
The intermediate course is structured around grammar activities (such as prepositions, combined articles and pronouns), verb drills (past tenses, progressive forms, future tense), comprehension activities, short stories, common idiomatic expressions, games and quizzes.

The syllabus: describing people, booking hotels, booking accommodation online and via emails, more about numbers, describing places, expressing admiration, enquiring about services such as public transport; talking about homes, finding a house; expressing likes and dislikes, shopping (markets), buying shoes and clothes, expressing preferences, writing invitations, giving your opinion, making suggestions, buying tickets, understanding directions, describing situations in the past; making plans for the future.

C1 - C2 Advanced

The advanced course is designed for students who already know French but want to take their knowledge further in order to hone their skills in all aspects of the language learning.

With the advanced course, the student will have the opportunity to learn the grammar and vocabulary acquired with the intermediate course, but more in depth with more listening and practical activities and role play. The focus of this course is to prepare the student to live in a French speaking country.

The teaching approach will also include a variety of newspapers articles (short at the beginning and longer articles as the student progresses further). The articles are used as conversation topics in order to hone vocabulary and grammar skills. Short videos from trusted resources will also be used for speaking practice during the class to boost fluency and to learn new common expressions. This course may include writing tasks about specific topics which the student will discuss during the class with the teacher.

The syllabus: Includes talking about saying what you have done recently using a variety of verbs and expressions, referring to events in the past using the imperfect tense and the past tense, understanding the weather forecast, making suggestions, understanding and giving instructions, comparing things, giving reasons, solving problems, discussing preferences, asking for and giving advice, talking about holidays, making plans for the future.

French school support tuition.

We provide help to students who need support with homework in order to pass their exams. Ad hoc extra activities and grammar notes can be provided to revise and consolidate the notions acquired at school. Help with short essay writing and proof reading also available.

Online French classes:

The online classes are delivered via Skype and classes can be for individuals and for small groups.

We can prepare you for DELF B1 (Diplôme d’études en langue Française).


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