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Piccardo Languages Spanish lessons are adapted to all levels and needs. This is achieved by dividing the session into distinct activities that focus on different aspects of the language such as grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, listening and writing. The same methodology is used with children but we utilise game-based activities as this is a proven successful system of learning through enjoyable play.

Our Spanish classes are arranged according to these levels, based on the Common European Framework of Reference.
Classes from A1 to C2 level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) .


Let’s start learning Spanish!

Initial courses aimed at learning basic vocabulary, grammar and elements of Spanish culture. By the end of these courses, students will be able to express opinion, describe people and have basic conversations to introduce themselves or ask for something.

  • Express opinion
  • Describe people
  • Basic Conversation

Spanish for those who already know the basic vocabulary and grammar structures, but whose communication skills are still limited. In A2 level students continue learning common Spanish expressions related to society. They also learn how to describe places or situations and talk in depth about themselves.

The aim of the A2 level is that students can cope with situations that require basic information exchange and are able to talk about their life, feelings or needs.

  • Spanish expressions
  • Simple tasks solving
  • Describing places
  • Talking about feelings and needs

B1 - B2 Intermediate

Now that you know some Spanish, why not improve your language skills and take them to the next level?   

At this level students develop and put into practise the knowledge that have achieved during A1-A2. They learn how to understand and write texts that talk about work, studies or leisure. Students will receive the knowledge to describe events, express their opinion and justify it.

The aim is that through B1 they learn how to manage situations that could happen during a trip to a Spanish speaking country.

  • Reading comprehension
  • Manage unexpected situations
  • Describe events
  • Justify their opinion

B2 level students will have a good knowledge of general Spanish, but during this level they will improve their academic Spanish and their communication skills. Thus, they will learn specific vocabulary, formal grammar structures and how to find the main ideas in an academic publication. They will also learn how to write clear and detailed documents about diverse topics such as opinion essays or news reports. Speaking fluently is another aim of this level, so speaking activities will be essential.

  • Understand academic writing
  • Communicate fluently
  • Writing about diverse topics
  • Defending a point of view

C1 - C2 Advanced

The advanced course is designed for students who already know Spanish but want to take their knowledge further in order to hone their skills in all aspects of the language learning.  

Advanced C1 level students have acquired the knowledge to communicate fluently with native speakers, but they need to continue learning specific vocabulary and complex grammar constructions such as the conditional or subjunctive tenses. This advanced knowledge will allow students to adapt to different speaking contexts, to manage with the daily routines, develop a professional career in a Spanish environment or be prepared for official tests.

  • Academic and general writing
  • Understanding scientific texts
  • Using complex grammar structures and verb tenses
  • Communicating fluently with native speakers

Spanish school support tuition.

We provide help to students who need support with homework in order to pass their exams. Ad hoc extra activities and grammar notes can be provided to revise and consolidate the notions acquired at school. Help with short essay writing and proof reading also available.

Online Spanish classes:

The online classes are delivered via Skype and classes can be for individuals and for small groups.


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