Supercharge your language studies with e-books

E-books are the language learner’s best friend. 

As part of the overall approach to acquiring a second language along with speaking, listening and grammar studies, reading foreign texts is incredibly beneficial.  

Through reading you become more familiar with the language, it re-enforces recognition of verb conjugation and it builds vocabulary. 

Traditionally this has been quite daunting requiring a print copy of the foreign text which may be hard to find, a large dictionary, a verb conjugation book, note pad and pencil. This might have been the sort of exercise that would have had to be undertaken at a desk. 


Why e-books? 

Now, with the advent of e-books, reading in a foreign language could not be easier and is even more beneficial than the traditional method. 

E-books support integrated dictionaries allowing the reader to click on unfamiliar words with the English translation appearing instantly and most e-readers automatically save the words that you have searched for later reference 

They also allow translation of line or paragraphs of text for cases where the meaning of word changes due to the sentence that it is a part of. 


Just follow these three steps to maximise your learning experience.
  1.  First, you will have to buy the dual-language dictionary on your e-reader. It is important to find one that provides definitions in English. 
  2. Choose a popular book, as you will have more luck finding these in e-book format in your target language. 
  3. Practice what you learn by taking time to learn and pronounce the new words that you will learn. Your e-books vocabulary builder is a big help here. 

Working through a novel in a foreign language is a commitment, but using an e-reader is more convenient than it has ever been, and as e-books are portable with related apps that can be used on your phone or laptop, you can dip into your book at your convenience. 

Eventually, you will find yourself immersed in your chosen book and find that you won’t need to consult the dictionary. This is an incredibly rewarding experience. 


Some popular sources for foreign language e-books are listed below:

Project Gutenberg: 










Google Play: